Join the 31-Day Everyday Style Challenge

31 simple tasks to help you discover your style, cut your closet clutter, bust out of your style rut, and LOVE getting dressed again.

Are you suffering from a case of the wardrobe blahs?

Do you remember when getting dressed was actually kind of fun?

Do you wear the same 10 things over and over again while the 100 other pieces hang unworn in your closet?

If i just described you, it’s time to shake things up.  

– You CAN have a style you love.

– You CAN enjoy getting dressed.

– You CAN cut through that storage facility you’re calling a closet… and you CAN love the way you look every. single. day.

This challenge is going to help you do it.



An instant download

a downloadable ebook that you can start as soon as you purchase!


31 Simple daily tasks

designed to cut the clutter, discover your personal style, and look at your wardrobe in a whole new way.


ONLY $27

to challenge yourself to discover your style (PS it’s easy!), jumpstart your wardrobe, and fall into love with your style all over again. 


Private Facebook group

You get access to a private Facebook community to connect with other challengers. Share inspiration and photos with each other as you go through the challenge.



The challenge goes through one task per day, like setting a timer and decluttering one area of your closet for 15 minutes, styling a favorite piece in a whole new way, recreating an outfit from Pinterest out of what you already own, and so many more! 

These tasks aren’t hard or time consuming, so kick your excuses to the curb and dive in. Make a promise to yourself to do all 31. Even the ones you think you’ll hate. Especially the ones you think you’ll hate.

By doing so, you’ll come away with an inspired wardrobe, a boost of confidence, and a style that you absolutely love. Are you ready? (is that an amen I hear?)

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to complete the 31 simple daily style tasks.

Step 1. Purchase and download the challenge.

Step 2. Join the community if you’d like to connect with other Style Challengers.

Step 3. Start making getting dressed fun again. 

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