Say goodbye to uninspired outfits, stressful mornings, and closet overwhelm.

The Winter 2021 Capsule Guide gets you dressed for Netflix binges and Holiday parties, and everything in between!

Your closet is stuffed.

You’re tired of feeling boring, bland, and dated. 

Your style is scattered.

Sound familiar?

Yep, we’ve been there too. We know what it’s like to spend 15 minutes staring at your clothes, hoping a stylish outfit will materialize, before giving up and throwing on yesterday’s semi-clean yoga pants.

You want to be the cute mom at the park. You want your co-workers to say “You always look so good!”. You want to go to the grocery store without fear of running into someone you know.  

Maybe you think that you just weren’t born with the style gene, or maybe it’s too late to love the way you look.  Maybe you’ve been taking care of kids so long that feeling put together is a fond, but distant, memory. 

You might even think if you just had more time, more money, or a better body, having real style would be easier.

The truth is, you don’t need any of those things.  You just need a plan.


Here is what you get:

  • INSTANT ACCESS E-BOOK: With 20 pages of outfit inspiration, a budget cheat sheet, Vacation Packing Guide, Seasonal Trend Guide and more! ($49 Value)
  • FACEBOOK GROUP: Our FB community is a great place to get advice and inspiration, and get your style questions answered by me, in our monthly live Q&A sessions. ($99 Value)
  • SHOPPING LINK DATABASE: You get links to every Capsule piece in a variety of price points and size ranges–including spend and save, petite and plus. There’s a minimum of 8 links per piece. ($39 Value)
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUSES: You get bonus videos to help you customize the Capsule and make the most of your investment as well as alternative color palette ideas. This season, you’ll also receive 12 alternative color palettes, organized by color types ($99 value). You’ll also get discounts on 1:1 styling sessions, and our other classes and Guides.  ($299 Value)
YOUR INVESTMENT- $49 Now 50% off!

Are you ready to find out what having a better wardrobe can do for you?

Create real style instead of just settling on something to wear. Stop wasting time and money on clothes you don’t love. For less than the cost of a sweater you’ll never wear, you can have real style all season long. 

The Capsule Wardrobe Guide Shows You

What To Buy

In this downloadable eBook, you’ll get pictures and descriptions of the season’s pieces, so that you’ll know exactly what to buy.  The pieces are chosen to work together, so you’ll have the mix and match wardrobe you’ve always wanted, without overbuying or overspending.

We mix classic pieces with a few on-trend items to keep your style looking fresh, not over-the-top trendy.

Where to Buy It

With the Capsule Guide, you’ll get access to a database of shopping links, so you don’t have to waste time scouring the internet or wandering the mall to build your wardrobe. We offer links to each piece in save, spend, petite, and plus options, so no matter your body or budget, shopping is a breeze!

You can start shopping as soon as you get your guide, and be done for the season in no time.

What to Do With It

The Guide shows you exactly what to do with each piece in the Capsule with 20 pages of outfit ideas. With over 150 outfit suggestions, you won’t say “I have nothing to wear” again!  You’ll feel confident trying new pieces because you won’t be wondering how to style them.

The Guide shows you workwear, polished casual, and athleisure looks so you’re ready for anything. 

What clients are saying –


A: The Capsule Wardrobe isn’t body type or size-specific. The principles will work for everyone! If you’re petite, simply purchase the pieces in your size range. If a midi-skirt isn’t the most flattering shape for you, swap it out for a shorter (or longer) version that suits you better.

A: That completely depends on a few things:

First, how many pieces do you already own?  If you have quite a few, or worthy substitutes, your costs will be much lower.

Also, chances are you won’t want (or need) to buy ALL the pieces.

Finally, how much you spend depends on where you shop! All of our links have a “save” option to stores like Target, H&M, etc… and a “spend” option, for stores like Nordstrom.  You can find pieces in all budget ranges. 

A: Unfortunately, due to the instant delivery of the capsule guide, refunds aren’t possible. However, the Capsule Guides are designed to appeal to a broad range of women. The guides focus on basics, and pepper in a few trends to keep you looking current, and not like you raided Forever 21.

Even if you hated every single piece in the capsule guide (which I can almost guarantee you won’t) the value of seeing exactly how to put together a mix and match, versatile wardrobe far exceeds the purchase price!

 A: Absolutely! You’ll probably have to do a little shopping on your own, as our links likely won’t work for you, but once we took out the graphic tee showing Uncle Sam riding a Bald Eagle over the Statue of Liberty, there’s nothing so uniquely American that you won’t be able to find it (or something super close) where you are.  If you are in a different hemisphere, please visit our Guides & Classes page to see past Capsule Guides that may work better. 

A: Once you purchase, you’ll receive an email with a receipt containing the link to access your guide. Both will be sent to the email you used for payment, so be sure to use an address you have access to. If you have trouble downloading on your mobile device, try a laptop or desktop.

If you’re still having trouble, email my team at and we’ll get it to you!

A:  The Winter 2021 Capsule Guide offers some options for workwear and athleisure looks, but our main focus is creating polished casual looks.  If you work full-time in a professional setting, you’ll probably need to add or tweak some pieces. 

A: Yes! Girl, the Capsules were made for you! What I found when working with my clients who were in a period of transition is that they didn’t want to buy a ton, but they still wanted to look good. So, our strategy was to buy fewer things, but make sure they all worked together. (i.e, a Capsule). Just buy the pieces you like in maternity styles–and if you’re in serious body flux, we recommend paring down your Capsule to just the Essentials, plus a couple of fun things. You’ll look stylish, feel confident, and when its time for a new size, you won’t have wasted a ton of money.  

 A: Absolutely not! There are shopping links at stores like Target and Old Navy, as well as Nordstrom and Anthropologie. You’ll find choices that match every budget. 

Retired Capsule Guides

We offer these guides for our friends experiencing the opposite season for inspiration and guidance. Please note,  links may not be active.