Did you know that more than a third of women aren’t getting enough sleep? Are you one of them? If you depend on multiple cups of coffee to get going in the morning, or experience an afternoon energy slump, you’re going to want to listen to this one!

Sleep is vital to everything from our mood, our memory, even our health, (plus, it’s really hard to look stylish when you’re exhausted), so this week, I’ve invited Sleephoria founder Dr Valerie Cacho on the show to share why sleep is so important, and what we can do to get more (and better) sleep.

About Dr. Valerie Cacho:

Dr. Valerie Cacho is an integrative sleep physician, speaker, writer, and sleep wellness consultant. She is passionate about inspiring her patients to obtain optimal sleep health and wellness through integrative, holistic and lifestyle medicine approaches.

She is an expert in women’s sleep health and founded the wellness brand Sleephoria that believes a well-rested woman has the energy, clarity, and drive to change the world. Sleephoria publishes premier content through authoritative articles, expert interviews, and inspirational stories to help women feel supported, confident and engaged in their wellbeing.

Dr. Val was the first sleep guide for AthletaWell a women’s wellness community by Gap Inc. Her leadership roles include being the President for the Hawaii Sleep Society and the former medical director of sleep at Hawaii Pacific Health. Additionally she has been rated as a Castle Connolly’s Top Sleep Doctor and Exceptional Women in Medicine in Hawaii for the past several years.

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Download the Exhaustion Checklist and discover a list of commons reasons why midlife women are exhausted and how you can prepare for a visit with your doctor to find the solution to your exhaustion. 

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Here’s my Instagram obsession I shared in our discussion of circadian rhythms. Could you live in darkness for months at a time?

The BEST podcast for falling asleep.

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