The Everyday Style Network Changes Lives…Including Yours!

Become a Certified Stylist

The Everyday Style Network is a community of independent, certified wardrobe stylists who use their gifts to help women reduce stress, find joy, and gain confidence.

We’re on a mission to help stylists launch successful businesses, and impact women all over the world by spreading the message of easy, effortless, everyday style.

Women Need You

You’ve got an eye for style, and you think getting dressed comes easily to everyone, right?  Not true.

So many women wish they could make sense of their closets, shop without frustration, and get dressed without stress.  They want help, but they don’t know where to find someone they can trust.

That’s where you (and the Everyday Style Network) come in.

You Don’t Know Where to Start

Maybe you’ve thought about starting a wardrobe styling business before. Maybe you’re the go-to person for your friends and family when it comes to shopping and getting dressed. You’ve probably heard “you should do this for a living” a time or two. 

Sounds great, right? Until you get to the part where you think about actually setting up a business, creating a brand, working with clients and, most daunting of all….marketing yourself. 

So you push the dream down and tell yourself “maybe someday”. All the while going to a job that doesn’t light you up, or wishing you could build something for yourself, doing something you love.

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

How much easier would it be to get started if you didn’t have to figure it out all by yourself? How much better would it be if you had a community of trained stylists to go to for support? How much faster could you be successful if you had a step-by-step program for launching your business?

That’s what the Everyday Style Network is. It’s made up of two parts: The Training Program and Certification.

In the Training Program, you’ll learn everything about starting your styling business, like choosing a business name, setting up a website, pricing your services, and marketing yourself. You’ll also learn how to dress different bodies, help women discover and create their personal styles, and how to edit closets effectively. You’ll learn how to deal with difficult situations, and how to give feedback constructively.

After you go through the Training Program and complete your practice hours, you’re eligible to become a Certified Stylist in the Network. What that means is you’ll be listed on our searchable website so clients can find you, and you can use our logos and name to promote your business.

You’re certified with us, but your business is your own. You can set your own hours and prices, and decide which services to offer (within guidelines). You’ll also have access to The Stylist Community and ongoing trainings to help your business grow.

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Live Training

Attend the Training Program.  This 2 day class (held on Zoom) teaches you everything you need to know to get started quickly. You’ll learn the logistics of setting up your business, and the skills to work with clients.

(Value $1297)

Course Materials

You’ll get an interactive workbook for the training program as well as templates and checklists for your business. You’ll also get links to the resources and tools you need to get started.

(Value $397)

Access to Masterclasses

Our Masterclasses are the “textbooks” for the course. You’ll have access to all of them including Dress Your Bodyshape, Signature Style, and The Ultimate Closet Makeover during the training.

(Value $297)


Connect with your training group in a Facebook Community for support and feedback. Plus, you’ll get monthly office hours zoom calls for additional advice and support, as well as ongoing training opportunities)

(Value $497)

Here’s How The Everyday Style Network is Different from Other Programs

  • Most stylist training programs are delivered through pre-recorded modules: While it sounds great to have a work-at-your own pace course, studies show that the average online course completion rate is around 12.6%. Delivering our training live means you’ll actually finish it, and increase your chances of being successful. Plus, you can ask questions in real-time.
  • Most stylist training programs don’t care what happens to you afterward: Impersonal online programs may teach you how to style people, but they’re not invested in your long-term success. The program is simply a transaction. The Everyday Style Network is different. This is a long-term partnership, and we’re invested in your success. Our program only grows if our stylists are successful, so we want to help you get there.
  • Most stylist training programs focus mainly on the styling aspect: You absolutely need to have an eye for style and be good at dressing people to be successful. But that’s not where most new stylists struggle. Most stylists don’t know how to start a business or market themselves effectively. They struggle to get traction in their businesses because they’re focused on activities that don’t bring in clients. We spend half of our training on styling, and half on how to start, run and grow your business.

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Nice to meet you! I’m Jen.

I’m a wardrobe stylist and former corporate trainer who turned a $100 investment into a $100k business.

After working one-on-one with hundreds (thousands?) of women, I know what it takes to start and grow a successful wardrobe styling business.

I started the Everyday Style Network for three reasons:

1- To give help to the women who reach out to us each week, asking for in-person styling.

2- To help women become confident, successful business owners, so they can build the life they’ve always wanted.

3- To give new stylists everything I wish I’d had when I was starting out…direction, knowledge, and support.

I can’t wait to cheer you on as you launch your new business!

What clients are saying –

You Have Questions. I Have Answers!

A: We’re doing our best to make this as much like an in-person event as possible. There will be lots of interaction and engagement, so you are required to attend all 16 hours of training, and we will not be offering them as recordings later.

A: Certified stylists can work with clients in their homes or in stores.  Because of the nature of current events, you can also work with clients virtually.  You’re also able to put on in-person workshops.  Certified stylists may not sell digital products or run group programs/events that are not in-person. The Everyday Style Network is designed to help our clients find the individual styling help they’re craving. 

A: As a Stylist-In-Training, you’ll have access to the FB group and course materials for 6 months. You can stay in the group as long as you’re certified.

A: Because you will have access to the courses and pre-work immediately upon registering, we do not offer refunds. However, we will be happy to apply the amount paid toward the cost of the next training session.  

A: Anyone!  You don’t need a particular background or experience. An eye for style goes a long way though. If people regularly compliment your outfits or ask you for style advice,  you’re on the right track. Just as necessary are a love of helping women, and the willingness to work hard to grow your own successful styling business. 

A: The purpose of the training course is to prepare our stylists for certification. If you have a situation where you feel certification is not for you, please reach out to us before registering. 

A: That depends on you!  We’re teaching the course as a 2 day event so that you have everything you need to get started quickly, rather than dragging it out over months. So, by the end of the training program, you’ll have the knowledge you need to start seeing practice clients. How long it takes to complete your 30 hours is completely up to you. 

A: You can structure them in a way that suits you best. If you plan to only offer closet edits, you can just practice doing that. If you want to offer closet edits, shopping sessions, and virtual styling, you can do a mixture. You’ll be required to submit practice reports for all sessions, as well as get feedback from your clients. Before taking the exam, you’ll also be required to submit photos of your closet organized in The Everyday Style way.

A: Before you become certified, you’ll need to pass your final exam. This test has some multiple-choice questions and some essay questions. It will cover the pillars of the Everyday Style method, as well as checking to see that you understand how to dress different body types and create a variety of unique personal styles.  

A: I created this program to give you everything I wish I had when I was starting out, as well as to help you avoid the mistakes I made. I believe in the program, and the training, wholeheartedly.  However, so much of your success will come from the effort you put in. For that reason, we cannot guarantee specific results. 

Still Not Sure?

The Everyday Style Network is the perfect fit for you, if…
  • You have an eye for style, a heart for serving women, and a desire to grow your own business.
  • You’ve thought about becoming a stylist, but you don’t know how to get started.
  • You want independence as a business owner, without having to go it 100% alone.
You should probably pass if…
  • You want to build an online business selling digital courses and programs.
  • You want 100% of your clients to come to you through our website.