Skincare can be overwhelming, don’t you think? I mean, you walk into the store looking for a moisturizer, and suddenly you’re surrounded by a sea of serums, lotions, and unfamiliar ingredients that claim to be essential. It’s hard to figure out what to buy, what you actually need, and what’s worth the money. Join me as we talk through all of this with today’s guest, skincare expert Amber Budd.

This episode is jam-packed with skincare wisdom. We cover everything from skincare routines for common skin challenges to the latest trending ingredients and services. 

I hope this conversation clears up some of your skincare confusion and inspires you to shake up your routine a little and try some new things so you can reach your skincare goals.

In this episode:

  • Why holistic skin health is important
  • The correct order to apply skincare (even when you’re using multiple serums)
  • How to identify your skin’s specific needs
  • How long to stick with a product or routine before seeing the results
  • Thoughts about facial trends, including cryotherapy facials, LED masks, and so-called vampire facials

Don’t miss part two of my conversation with Amber! We had so much to discuss; it couldn’t all fit into one episode, so Part 2 is available in our Extra Credit podcast. Extra Credit is a private podcast available to members of The Style Circle. Join now so you don’t miss an episode!

About Amber Budd:

Amber Budd is a self-described skincare nerd and the Skincare Fairy Godmother.

She’s been featured in Oprah, Fast Company, Munaluchi Bride, and ESPN2. She’s worked with Caitlyn Jenner, Mike Tyson, and for the US Ryder Cup Wives. Amber is also the owner of an award-winning spa. She’s a product developer, a jewelry designer, a Navy wife, and the mom to a very chatty toddler.

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