For the woman who wants to spend the holidays and the winter months in a cozy home she loves–here are some gifts hand picked by a home organization guru!

#1 Velvet Pillows

Part of having an organized home is having things in your house that you love and make you feel good–and that you can relax in! These velvet pillows are soft and cozy and perfect for a colorful couch.

#2 Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are essential, especially if you live in a colder climate. Two options for you for the best blankets that I love! This one is from Target and is so swoon-worthy for cuddling up with someone you love OR a cup of tea and a book. For more of a splurge, but one that adds to a cozy night in watching tv, or Sunday afternoon naps–love this one from Design House Stockholm. It’s a gorgeous pleated fleece which looks classy while it’s being comfy.

#3 Quarterly Book Subscription

There are few things better than curling up under a blanket with a good book. My favorite new book service is called Tailored Book Recommendations. You tell them what kinds of books you like, and they hand-pick and deliver three for you each quarter. They’ve never missed ONCE for me–every recommendation has been spot on!

#4 Beautyrest Luxury Quilted Weighted Blanket

Speaking of blankets–I love the virtues of a weighted blanket. The Beautyrest Luxury Quilted Weighted Blanket provides calming weight for naps or nighttime–and helps me sleep better. It’s like a giant hug!

#5 Young House Love Book

I love getting ideas for home decor projects, and one of my favorite blogs for that is Young House Love. Their second book, Lovable Livable Home, is one of my favorites, and it’s perfect for someone who loves accessible home decor projects.

#6 Bath Bombs from Alaska Salt Co.

I love supporting small businesses with great stories. When you combine this with one of my favorite cozy home activities–a great bath–you have a winner. The Alaska Salt Co. produces some bath bombs I love and which are great stocking stuffers–along with other fabulous self-care products. Their sense of humor is salty too, which I love the most!

#7 Stylish Containers

A cozy home is also a functional home! If you have someone who wants an Instagram-worthy pantry, look no further than these stylish and functional OXO containers. Bonus–not only do they look good, but they keep food fresher longer. Keep those cozy snacks close at hand this holiday season. PRO TIP: If you want fun labels for them, search Etsy for “container labels” and scroll away!

#8 Wine Glasses

To me, a cozy home includes a good solid bottle of red wine to share. My favorite wine glasses, bar none (ha! I’m so punny!), are these long stem glasses from Crate & Barrel. They are fun and sophisticated and make me feel like a fancy lady while I’m curled up on the couch after a big holiday meal.

#9 Candles

I know–candles are a staple of any holiday gift list–but these are truly fabulous for a cozy home. The scents on DW Homes candles are great and they include ones with cool wooden wicks! Also–this company offers tools to make your candles last longer which is always welcome. Bonus points if you go find a book on Hygge, the Danish art of cozy comfort, and read it by candlelight.

#10 A Home Organization Course

If you struggle with clutter and are overwhelmed by your house, and would like to learn how to get organized–and STAY organized–then this decluttering course is for you. The Overwhelmed to Organized Blueprint is a go-at-your-own-pace plan to organize your whole house, taught by an organizing expert who has spent thousands of hours organizing client homes.

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